boxIT creates technology bliss using powerful tools, industry expertise, and our friendly staff.

Managed Services and Support

  • Powerful Tools – we spot problems and receive alerts so we can fix things before you’re aware they even exist. Hopefully before you arrive to the office. ☺
  • Extensive Monitoring – traffic, uptime, load, performance, applications, and more. The goal is to maximize our visibility and your uptime.
  • Change Management – daily audits, asset tracking, inventory. We keep track so you don’t have to, and can even send you automated reports.
  • Proactive Escalation – we detect & escalate issues or trends before they get a chance to wreak havoc on your systems and staff
  • Endpoint Security (SPAM/AV/Malware/Spyware)
  • Backup & BDR – Whether you need to restore in one day or one hour boxIT can build it and manage it for you. We even do tape *shudder*, but we’ll probably complain about it.
  • Automated Maintenance – disk defrags, temp files deleting, cache clearing, and all the other boring/incredibly important maintenance tasks.
  • Patching – automated updates for windows, firmware updates
  • System Maintenance – scheduled routine maintenance whenever’s clever. Need to upgrade firmware on that PowerEdge Server? We’ll make sure it wont impact your business
  • Software Deployment – silent installs & upgrades, automated deployment, and mass distribution. Need Office on all machines, instantly? Done.
  • On-Demand Review – we meet with you regularly either at our place or yours.
  • Monthly Reporting & Intelligence – metrics and numbers, oh my! We give you network health, license counts, patch status, and much more
  • Standardization – Technology changes daily but the right tools seem to stick around. We focus our solutions on industry-standard and supportable systems so you can focus on your business, and not keeping up with the Jones’. They aren’t really that “cool” anyway.
Human Support

Local talent, remote & onsite help, broad knowledge & expertise, fast resolutions, unlimited support

Bundled Services

Bundle up, as mother would say. We can offer services at discount when you add them together. Ask us how.

Deft In…

Microsoft Deployments

Microsoft Servers, Workstations, AD, Virtualization, Messaging, Terminal Services


Solid, reliable network design. Enterprise-grade & managed hardware. Cisco & Juniper, plus all the consumer-grade stuff too. We also conduct assesments and manage networks.


Endpoint Security, SPAM protection, Antivirus, Malware, Spyware, and all the other naughties that keep you and your servers up at night. We can also help with compliance and policy creation/enforcement.


Storage, servers, OS’s, and networks

Internet & Telephony

System Design, Call Routing, QoS, and monitoring. Managed Enterprise-grade DIA. Interested in fiber speeds? let boxIT hook you up quickly and cost-effectively.

Workstations, Server & Storage Design

Whether you’re building a Quickbooks server or a Hadoop cluster we can help recommend and build your new systems.

& Cloud

Office 365

Exchange, Office, and all of the other tried & true cloud products from Microsoft.


Incredibly secure hybrid filesharing. Web, desktop, mobile included.

Private Cloud/VPC

No-frills hosting for everything from your site to all that cloud storage you’ll be eating up

Unified Communications

boxIT helps with chat video conferencing, desktop sharing, and more tools keeping your office connected


Whether you need to restore in one day or one hour boxIT can build it and manage it for you. We even do tape *shudder*, but we’ll probably want to replace it


Managed routers, software services, and even A/C units if your server room goes inferno.

About Us

Founded in 2001, boxIT has been providing quality local IT support from the Presidio of San Francisco for over a decade. What started as an onsite physical management appliance called “box” has evolved into a blended model of technology + human support for local businesses needing cost-effective and reliable support. Fast forward to present-day: boxIT leverages the most widely used & adopted technologies to ensure we provide long-term value for our clients and partners for years to come. Fear not, we are in this together.

Accolades & Press

MSP Top 501 Managed Services Providers

We’re honored to be among the top 501 managed services providers worldwide.

2016, 2014 & 2013
PC World Writeup

As part of our 10 year anniversary we were written up in PC-World!



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